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Parallel MATLAB

  1. Aug 12, 2008 #1

    Currently I'm trying to use Matlab for parallel computing of
    cellular automata on the cluster (Sun Grid Engine) we have
    installed at our department. For that reason I've downloaded
    the MATLABMPI package which has been developed by Jeremy
    Kepner at MIT. It implements MPI so it can be easily used on
    a cluster.

    I've already tried to get this package to work properly but
    it still doens't. I get it only to work on the master node,
    while it seems unable to put the slave nodes to work. That's
    why I wonder if there're users in this newsgroup which have
    experience in using this package or other packages
    implementing MPI for MATLAB, but not the built-in parallel
    computing toolbox, that are available on the internet. If
    so, I would appreciate your comments or help since I'm
    getting a little bit frustrated in making my Matlab working
    in parallel.

    I'm also wondering whether someone has experience in working with GridMathematica.

    Best regards,

    Jan Baetens
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