Medical Parallel or hierachy?

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Brain is a massively parallel device,there is no central processor, no chief executive that oversees all cortical areas.
But then again the cortex is very hierachially, there are ascending and descending neurons and it has association areas, most eminent the prefrontal regions.

So what's 'truer'? What keeps us from saying that the prefrontal cortex is the chief executive, the center of the human neocortex?


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What keeps us from saying that the prefrontal cortex is the chief executive?
Actually neuroscience says that it is because its working memory.
Massively parrallel but many centres are interconnected and may override old centres by newer ones.
Some neuroscientists expect/suppose that 80% of our behaviour is automated...
now are we talking about consciouness or the hardware behind the brain?

if its consciousness then the PFC/HC//PPC drive planning/memory/imagery when the child has grown to a significant age(2-5). Before that who knows if a CEO exists for the driving of the hardware maintaining the brain and creating it....there is a place(?brainstem?)...and it uses the ventricle system to build the brain.


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I think that Ratzinger was talking about "hardware"?
Consciousness is another affair which may be first defined.

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