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Parallel Plate Capacitor

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    A parallel plate capacitor is constructed such that there are two different dielectric materials in between the plates, each occupying half the space in between . Still this capacitor can be modeled as a simple parallel plate capacitor with same total area A, plate separation d, but with an equivalent dielectric constant Keq. What is Keq? (Your final answer will be in terms of the two K's, and for a start, you should think in terms of potential being same all over the surface for any given plate)

    l l l
    l K1 l K2 l d
    with an area A (it is supposed to look like a square with two sides K1 and K2)

    I know the capacitance of a parallel-plate capacitor filled with a dielectric is C = KEoA / d
    But I am not quite sure what to do if K is split into K1 and K2 as displayed in the picture above. Do I set them equal to each other?

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Hi Kathi! :smile:

    Which half? :confused:

    (I can't understand your diagram)

    Is this like a cheeseburger, or like two different ordinary burgers side-by-side? :smile:
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