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Parallel plate capacitor

  1. Jul 15, 2014 #1
    What would have been if the opposite and equal charge wouldnt have been induce on 2nd conductor in parallel plate capacitor when connected to a battery
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    Then you would have an open circuit.
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    Open circuit means
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    From Google Search --- which you should learn how to use.

    o·pen cir·cuit
    noun: open circuit; plural noun: open circuits

    an electrical circuit that is not complete.
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    This can't really happen. Let's imagine that we remove the 2nd plate from the capacitor and leave the 1st plate behind. We will also leave the conductor that used to connect to the 2nd plate disconnected. In this case you will still have a capacitor, as charges will move onto/off of the plate AND the end of the disconnected conductor until the field between them completely opposes the applied voltage. But since the conductor is much smaller than a plate, the capacitance is very, very small. So small that for all purposes you might as well not even consider it a capacitor. Just consider it an open in the circuit.
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