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Parallel plate waveguide, step discontinuity

  1. May 21, 2012 #1
    You can find in the picture attached a parallel plate waveguide which has an a1 height before the step and an a2 height after the step. The plates are perfect conductors and the step is ideal.
    I can't determine which physical quantities are continuous across this discontinuity.
    Suppose that a TEM wave is travelling, with the showed Ex and Hy (outgoing from the screen). I'm sure the voltage is constant: if I connect DC power supply, the voltage V between the two plates is the same before and after the discontinuity. But the electric field???
    If it was a condenser, we had

    V = E*d

    where d is the distance between the plates. So, if d changes, E changes too. But E must be continuous according to my notes :yuck:!
    What's wrong? The voltage cannot change!
    Thank you anyway,


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