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Parallel resonant circuits

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    hi there..in some places, i saw the usage "the Q factor of parallel LC tank ckt" while in some others, the Q factor of the inductor used in tank ckt is given..are they same??
    As far as i know,Q=wL/R is the thing for inductor ,where R is inductor's series resistance..is the formula same for the entire parallel tank ckt??

    Also, i would like to know why, during analysis, do we convert series R of inductor to parallel resistance by formula, Rp =R/Q^2 ??
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    Close to being the same. Low-loss capacitors are easy to find, so most of the losses are in the coil.
    Practically, provided you use high quality capacitors. But that's not DC resistance.
    It probably makes analysis easier.

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    thank you..
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