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Parallel universe naming

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    Why is other universes called "parallel universes." Why don't we call it something else like skew universe?
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    Why do we call the color of grass "green"?
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    Far worse names must include planetary nebula (no planets there) or spectrsopic parallax ( no parallax measurements taken). but we live with the name for historic reasons kind of like all language and names.
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    The naming also probably comes from the "theory" that they're parallel n-th dimensional surfaces in an n+1-st dimensional space, where n is just for the sake of example (though it could be 3 or 4, depending on whether we're talking about the "whole" Universe or the Universe at a single point in time wrt one reference frame, or perhaps more if the Universe has more dimensions)
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    Sounds like a constructive suggestion. They exist as concepts, so have a name for them.
    Maybe in line with your idea call them "skewniverse", for short.

    Or even shorter and easier to write, call these imaginary concepts "ewniverse"

    or, to emphasize the fantasy aspect: "boogiverse". :biggrin:

    I like it. Thanks Imranfish. Welcome to PF!
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