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Parallel Universes moving along the time axis and their messengers

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    It can be known from Section 6.4 of Chapter 6 (of the Antigravitation Engine Site; same below) that there exist parallel universes moving along the time axis. Objects that have large degrees of uncertainty in the time can travel from one universe into another, serving as the messengers of different universes.

    Take water for example. Water can mirror things happening in the four-dimensional neighborhood. At a different position of the four-dimensional spacetime, one can see a different image in the same basin of water.

    For example, if a water molecule, whose mass is 3*10^-26 kg, becomes foggoid (please see Sections 6.1 and 6.2 of Chapter 6) in the experiment recorded in Chapter 4, then substitute 3*10^-26 for 1*10^-2 in the line of program beginning with mn in Chapter 4, and ¦¤t becomes
    ¦¤t = 239 days,
    where ¦¤t is the value of uncertainty in the time.

    For more information, please see the Antigravitation Engine Site (http://xczhx.nease.net/indexEnglish.htm [Broken]).
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