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Parallel Universes

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    Here is a link to a parallel universe... documentary.

    BBC Horizan - Parallel Universes (44 min 35 sec)
    http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=4183875433858020781 [Broken]
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    What observation do you have in mind that would prove, or disprove, the 'parallel universe' conjecture? I think it is bad science.
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    I reckon that idea of parallel universes sounds more like fiction that fact.
    Of course, since I am not well up in it, that's just my opinion.

    Maybe theoretical cosmologists can vary the number of dimensions and other variables, which will yield different universes and parallel universes depending on their models and variables.

    When meteorologists were developing computer programs to simulate the weather, depending on their model and variables, they could generate a wide range of results.
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    I think the idea of parallel universes has some credibility in the context of 11 dimensional M-theory, that is, if it turns out to be a valid theory of the universe. It seems conceivable that we could inhabit a 4-brane in a higher dimensional bulk in which it is then quite possible that other 4-branes reside with similar or even identical laws of physics. However this is highly speculative at the moment with no experimental proof of the validity of string / M theory.
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