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Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku

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    ***PARALLEL WORLDS to hit shelves in OCT***

    http://www.randomhouse.com/catalog/display.pperl?0385509863 [Broken]
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    Question for you sol:

    How did the Multiverse come to be? and is it just another bubble inside an Uberverse comprised of many Multiverse bubbles?

    I love the idea of a Multiverse, but in my opinion it does not solve the issue of creation or even really get us closer to understanding it. All we do is pass the buck on.
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    I think you are right Tau_Muon_PlanetEater. No matter how many multiverses there are and then something larger then them, eventually they have to come down to something. It is the same problem we run into trying to explain the origin of the universe, that there never is an answer to 'where did matter and energy come from?'.
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    Are the eleven dimensions of M-theory real dimensions with real units (temporal and/or spacial) or are they purely mathmatical with no real dimensions? If anyone knows, I would appreciate the info.
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    They are proposed as genuine, physical dimensions. The evidence for this is the effort that has gone into expaining why we don't see but four of them. This leads to the compaction on tiny manifolds, and that leads to many of the physical developments of string physics.
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    e Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission (Scheduled launch: October 7, 2004)

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    Thanks Hyper Wave for the info. I was wondering if these genuine, physical dimensions have been assigned standard units (like metric units for lengths or seconds for time) or are they exotic units with special properties? Hope I you do not consider this a dumb question. Thanks.
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    I wish to add that the very nature of electromagnetic wave energy is in of itself paradoxical to the four dimensional universe...we may find that the added extra dimensions in some way allow or cause the duality of light as both particle and wave form...in that light travels at a high end constant speed limit that can only be "slowed" under special laboratory conditions (the introduction of heavy/dense mediums and multicapsules of dense mediums that purposely though temporarily slow its forward momentum until it leaves the medium on the exiting side). In other words, Quantum mechanics and wave form energy exhibit properties that otherwise run counter to the four dimensions we experience. Bottom line...the extra dimensions seem more plausible in the "light" of it all.
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    There is this gnawing question about the multiverse concept...were it that such multiverses truly exist and that they could each be almost identical to our own, could we be bumped from one to the next without ever knowing it? Here I could be as dumb as this, and in some other almost smart? Wow, and then there's this matter of the girl next door...
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