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PARALLEL WORLDS to hit shelves in OCT.

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    Dr. Kaku's new book > PARALLEL WORLDS
    which many say to be a HYPERSPACE 2 if you will!

    http://www.randomhouse.com/catalog/display.pperl?0385509863 [Broken]

    In PARALLEL WORLDS, his first book of physics since Hyperspace, Michio Kaku describes the extraordinary advances that have transformed cosmology and remade our understanding of the universe. The startling discovery of a mysterious energy driving the universe to expand and scientists' attempts to reconcile the four faces of the universe have led to the development of the revolutionary M-theory. The leading candidate for Einstein’s fabled “theory of everything,” M-theory depicts our universe as a “bubble” floating in an expansive eleven-dimensional “multiverse." Leading physicists now envision our universe as one of countless "bubble universes" only millimeters away from each other. In this new picture, Big Bangs create new universes all the time and, if these parallel universes are as close as physicists believe, our universe could eventually collide with one of them—with cosmic consequences.

    Kaku deftly weaves lucid scientific explanations and engaging profiles of the physicists working in the field, with a compelling narrative of breakthroughs in physics, astronomy, and cosmology that have led to M-theory. If scientists' cosmological predictions are correct, time travel between these parallel universes is not only possible—it may be the only way humankind, billions of years from now, can save itself from a dying universe.

    All Best,

    Michael Phillips
    Hyperspace Productions, Inc.
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    Hello Ebe,

    Thank you for the announcement of the next iterion of the Hyperspace series presented by Dr. Kaku's keen interpretations. :biggrin:

    Hmm, dying universe you say? I rather see the universe in a constant state of renewal, much like the proverbial phoenix. If this universe does collapse on itself in destruction, than i suspect another one will be borne from our ashes.(an interesting loop)

    For "time travel" all moments are happening simultaneously now. (reminds me of the Space Balls movie skit :tongue: ) So say anything that humanity evolves into in our distant future will have access to our present. (i'll steer away from UFO's) So if the distant future does become bleak whether of our own making or by mother nature. The best way to transplant their progeny would be either their future or their collective past. Of course if they did venture to far into the past by accident, say before the Big Bang.

    By our current comprehension there would've been a void here. Unless there was the most recent incarnation of another universe where we're standing right now. Probably with it's own set of unique physics or what have.

    My take is 11 dimensions is only what our collective math can support now as a multiverse. Although i wouldn't rule out infinite dimensions, but our limited comprehension has yet to arrive to such a thought concretely.

    Thanks anyhow for this moment to letting me ramble like an old fool. :wink:
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    What can I say? Angels and ministers of Grace, defend us.
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    Date pushed back

    I have recently come to realize that the date for publishing of Parallel Worlds has been pushed to December of 2004. I was hoping for an earlier release. We all anticipate this to be the next bestseller for Dr. Kaku. RandomHouse's website states December - however I am not at all sure when. I will be sure to keep everyone posted as things develop.

    All Best,

    Michael Phillips
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    Looking forward to this book. His recent book on Einstein was excellent.
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