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Parallelogram Help

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    Hi, New to this forum.
    Im just doing my school certificate (yr10) and need help with 1 question.

    PQRS is any parallelogram. If sin P = k, find Sin Q

    Probably sounds like a stupid question but heck if you can give me the answer with working id be really happy. :biggrin: thanks
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    In a parallelogram opposite angles are congruent (angles P and R) and adjacent angles are supplementary (angle P and Q). sin Q= sin (pi- P).
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    2q + 2p = 360
    q + p = 180
    q = p-180
    sin(q) = sin(arcsin(k)-180)
    sin(q) = -sin(arcsin(k))
    sin(q) = -k
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