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Paralyzed by choice

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    Hey Folks!

    I'm 23, currently a 1st-year Physics Major (started a little late), and I'm having a really enjoyable, yet frustrating problem. I have to many interests and have no idea what I want to eventually go into. Currently my interests are Quantum Computers, Physics of Neurscience, Quantum Gravity, Physics in Video Games, Engineering Physics and more... I just have no idea how I could possible figure out what to do with my degree and what to take in grad school. I'm sure this is a very common problem, how is/have everyone dealing/delt with this issue? :confused:

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    You are a first year student, don't worry about it. I am a 3rd year student and I still don't know what area of math I want to go into (at the grad level). As time goes on you will take more classes and learn what you are interested in, and what you are not interested in.
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    You've got at least 1 more year taking the same courses that every physics major on the planet takes their first 2 years. For now, just take note of which subjects in your classes interest you the most, then see which jobs make use of those subjects.
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