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Paramagnetism & Diamagnetism

  1. Aug 4, 2014 #1
    Please confirm & answer the following:

    An atom exposed to an external B-field will experience both a torque on its orbitals (paramagnetism), and a change in orbital velocities and thereby a change in the magnetic momenta of the orbits (diamagnetism).

    When the atom has all paired electrons, the net torque is zero so the phenomenon resulting from the change in orbital velocity dominates.

    But, when the atom has an unpaired electron, the net torque on that orbital is non-zero. Question: So do these orbitals physically re-orient themselves to align with the Bexternal?
    but the diamagnetic effect/influence is still present. Question: For atoms with unpaired electrons, why does the paramagnetic effect always win?
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