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Paramagnets and Diamagnets: Need help disntinguishing them

  1. Nov 18, 2008 #1
    1. In Paramagnets M (magnetization) is the same direction as B (mag field), where as in diagmagnets it is the opposite direction. Which regions would paramagnets and diamagnets like to be in: High B0 or Low B0? Explain why?

    2. For paramagnetism:
    B=B0+u0M where B is the total magnetic field, B0 is the field caused by current in the conductor and M is magnetization M=u(magnetic moment)/V (volume)

    3. Obviously, the answers are opposite as well, and I think paramagnets are attracted by high B0, but I don't know how to support my answer. I would appreciate any help, thanks.
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