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Parameter description

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    dear all
    can anyone help me to find parameter setting (or description )of fuji inverter E9s series
    desperately i need this.

    thanx in advance
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    http://www.atrump.com/Inverter/E9s.htm" [Broken]
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    Hi dlgoff
    thank you very much for your reply. there is more than 70 parameters do you have the description of that. actually i am using it for some other applications. i tried with 06,07,08 but still i couldn't get proper result that why i am asking you.
    anyway once again i thank you for your quick reply

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    I did a little searching but all I could find was a PDF file for the "www.elta.com.cn/download/pdf/meh404a.pdf"[/URL].
    At the bottom of the previous link I gave was this: "The operator has to refer to the Fuji FVR-E9S Inverter Instruction Manual for Par setting." You may have to give them a call.
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    thank you dlgoff,
    actually this is not installed by us, so i dont have any manual for this,
    fuji electric won't support us unless the people installed this will recommend us. anyway i try my best.

    thanx and happy holidays
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