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Parameter k with witch function sd[k]->minimum

  1. Apr 6, 2007 #1
    parameter "k" with witch function sd[k]->minimum

    Hi! I have to find the best parameter "k" with witch function sd[k]->minimum. I do that with FindMinimum. "sd" if a function that calculates the standard deviation from my experimental and model data. The model data is obtained from the mathematical model, first order differential equation...which I solve using NDsolve. The problem is that I cant make NDSolve work under FindMinimum.

    Something like this:
    First, I define function that hace to solve the equation c'[t] == -k c[t], where "k" is a variable. This gives me model data later on. I define it as a function cause I dont know the value of "k" yet.

    Then I define another function which calculates the standard deviation:
    sd[k_]:= function(model data, experimental data)

    Still I have no concrete results.

    Then I use FindMiniumm for finding the "k" that gives the smallest Standard Deviation
    FindMinimum[sd[k], {k, 0.04}]

    And her is the problem, I cant make this combination to work .... help please? Many thanks!
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