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Parametric curve

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    Consider the parametric curve given by the equations
    [tex]x(t) = t^2+30t-11[/tex]
    How many units of distance are covered by the point P(t) = (x(t),y(t)) between t=0, and t=9 ?

    well since the bounds are already given (0->9), i just need help on setting up the integral. here's what i done:

    [tex]dx/dt = 2t+30[/tex]

    my integral:


    but i get the incorrect answer when i integral it, can someone help me set it up?
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    The distance travelled is


    You either do this integral, or notice that the curve is a straight line.

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    What is the formula for calculating curve's length? You have calculated the area under the curve, not the length.
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    thank you, i got it correct
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