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Parametric Equations

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    I find parametric equations to be simply amazing.

    I was wondering if there is a website, or better yet a book that covers them in more detail?

    I found it incredible how we can describe circles, ellipses, lines and other analytical geometrical shapes by them...so I wanted to know how deep it goes.

    If anyone can point me in some direction I would be very appreciative.
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    Thanks man.

    Yea, google is usually the first thing I check.

    I was just interested to see if there was more that I could glean from them. Being able to represent lines, circles, ellipses, and who the hell knows what else with just one variable seemed very interesting and definitely useful.

    I'll keep searching.
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    One quite useful parametrization is that of a particle's trajectory curve in space, using time as our parameter. This parametrization is often called the particle's position vector.
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