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Homework Help: Parametrics/phyics question

  1. Oct 7, 2009 #1
    If a rock is thrown from a point 3 ft above the ground with a horizontal velocity of 90ft/sec and a vertical velocity of 47 ft/sec, how far away will it land if nothing is obstructing its path? If there is a 7'9" fence in front of you, will the rock sail over the fence?

    Actually, this is a problem in my calc book. I'm supposed to solve it using parametric equations but I figured its still physics...

    Using parametrics: the


    Using physics:
    Not sure which equation to use. I'm a little confused. I started by adding the velocity vectors, and got 101.5 ft/s in an upwards diagonal direction
    I used v2=v02+2ax
    v=0, v0=101.5, solved for x and got 525.625.
    answer should be 270. no idea what to do.....

    I'd prefer to work with the parametric method but any help is welcome....Thanks
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    Since the rock lands on the ground, take y(t) = 0. Solve for t.
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    ah thanks. got it =)
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