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Parapsychology how serious a science this is

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    i was enirely unsure where to post this since this is a science but mostly concerning things that are in the mystics section.

    either way, what i'd like to know is if anyone knows how serious a science this is, or how well it's generally accepted by the scientific community? can anyone see a future for this new branch of science?
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    Re: Parapsychology

    I'll tell you from a pretty strong background perspective.

    Parapsychology is a product of hype of the supernatural during the 60's to 80's. The only relationship it has to science is that science has pretty much beat every claim into the ground.

    There's simply not a single sentence of scientific information to back up this entire "genre" of fiction.....

    It lives on only with people preying on the gullible, and in cheap voodoo novelty shops!
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