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Paris NNbar potential

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    Hi, everyone!
    There was a recent paper arXiv:0807.4454v2 [nucl-th] where authors present a revised version of Paris nucleon-antinucleon potential. I'm sure some of you have worked with it. In the region of distances r >~ 1 fm Paris NNbar potential is G-parity conjugation of the NN potential of their previous work - M. Lacombe et al Phys. Rev. C21, 861 (1980). In that article NN potential is presented as a sum of exponents g_k*exp(-m_k r)/(m_k r). But in the list of inverse compton wavelengths m_k I find m = 1.6 fm^(-1) that is the mass of 315.7 MeV. What is the corresponding particle and how I know its G-parity? There are several more unkown particles to me. On the other hand, I cannot find wavelengths corresponding to omega- and rho-mesons that I would expect to be in the list.
    Could someone help to figure out G-parity transofrmation of NN potential?
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