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Parity in pion decay

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    Consider this decay:
    Pion+ -> muon+ + neutrino
    It says that one can check the longitudinal polarization of the muon+ and this would confirm that the parity is not conserved. Can you explain what this means in simple terms?
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    Where is it stated "longitudinal polarization of the muon+"? Textbook?

    Lets refer to -
    which doesn't answer the question, but is nice background.

    This might explain it -
    http://tcmms.ca/~jess/musr/cap/pidk.htm [Broken]

    and some interesting background "The Failure of Parity in Weak Interactions" by Nick Cowan

    And for additional reading -

    and for :biggrin:
    http://pibeta.web.psi.ch/docs/publications/tom_diss/html/web_diss-2.1.1.html [Broken]
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