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Parity maximally violated

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    Why do they always say parity is maximally violated in weak interaction? This is true for W boson interactions. But not for Z bosons, as the Zs couple to both left and right handed particles. And hence, is not maximally violated in the case of Z.
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    Electroweak symmetry is broken; this is one symptom. The unbroken symmetry contains a w1, w2 and w3 that couple to left-handed fermions and a B0 that couples to both handednesses. When the symmetry breaks, the w1 and w2 become the massive W+ and W-, but the w3 and B0 mix to produce a photon which couples to both, and a Z0 which couples purely left-handedly to neutral particles, and progressively more right-handedly to particles with more charge.
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    The term "maxilmally violated" arose 50 years ago because the charged current weak interactions, which were the only ones seen for a long time, had equal parts of V and A.
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