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Parker's Spiral Solution

  1. Feb 21, 2007 #1
    I hope Ive got the right forum...basically I'm trying to solve Parker's spiral equation via integration. I have the beginning equation (which Ive already proved), and I know what the answer should be, but I cant seem to get the right answer, so I was hoping to get a little help on the integration (I think I'm assuming constants are variables or vice-versa by mistake).

    My starting equation is:
    (v^2 -vc^2).1/v.(dv/dr) = 2.vc^2 . (r - rc) / r^2
    This is pretty much the same form as equation 726 at this webpage:
    (v is the same as u)

    My end equation should be equation 727 on the same webpage.

    What should I be treating as constants and variables?

    Any help would be much much appreciated :)
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