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Parking my toothbrush loaded

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    Instead of loading just before brushing should I load the toothbrush just after brushing & let it sit coated with toothpaste so to= 1-kill germs? 2-lose the potency of the toothpaste to the airwash unless i cover with a plastic casing & 3- whatever I didnt think of..........thanx
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    If pre-loading it and letting it set for a while were the best way to do it, that would be listed as directions on the toothpaste tube, right? Just do it the regular way, and remember to floss daily. :biggrin:
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    Maybe wrong, same company that makes the paste also makes the brush which supposedly needs periodic replacement due to germs.
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    Alright, I might sound stupid, but what exactly is 'parking' a brush or 'loading' a brush?
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    The brush is rinsed after use & then toothpaste is loaded on the brush so that it sits with toothpaste coating the bristles until the next brushing. Will the toothpaste kill the germs in the brush in this scenario?
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    Well it depends on the toothpaste. Most toothpastes, as far as I know, do not have any specific disinfecting properties. A quick google search however tells me about Triclosan, which is used in some toothpastes as an antibacterial agent. If your toothpaste also uses triclosan, it might do the job. Although I don't think its a good idea doing something not mentioned in the instructions.
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    A simpler solution would just be to stir the toothbrush in a small container of antiseptic mouthwash before loading it and using it.
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    You could rinse the tooth brush with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then rinse with water.

    To be honest, desiccation is a great antimicrobial (ever notice the difference between the smell of a kitchen towel that has been kept wet vs one that was allowed to dry?).

    Toothbrushes aren't made to be permanent. So letting it dry after use should be plenty good for keeping the microbial flora down between replacements. Make sure you set it in some kind of holder or rest it with the brush part off the counter where air can circulate around the whole brush and dry it quickly.
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    Here’s some useful information from The Journal of the American
    Dental Association (JADA) Volume 138:

    I should mention that if you have a tooth implant be extremely careful and gentle
    when brushing that tooth. It's also important to floss before you brush your teeth and gums. :biggrin:
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