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Part of a bigger universe.

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    I was just wondering, that what if the big bang was not a single event, but actually a black hole exploding as a small part of a much bigger universe? What was before the big bang, nothing, then what "held" that nothingness? Where did the matter, that made up the exploding point, come from? What would happen if you were to fly "through" the universe wall, is there nothing there?
    Dont fry me as im not a scientist. And I appoligise if me spelling is somewhat off, I´m danish ;)
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    As far as we are concerned nothing, we can't know what happened before time=0 so it doesn't have any effect

    Not a black hole, but it coul be that the big bang was created by an event in some larger structure.
    Usually called a multiverse - because it generated at least one universe (ours!) and presumably many others.

    Physics has no real problem with nothingness.
    There is no law against a universe coming into existance from nothing, the conservation laws don't necessarily apply at the quantum scale at the start of the universe.

    The definition of a universe is pretty much that you are stuck in the one you have.

    No problem, we only dislike two kinds of people. those who are intolerant - and the Finns
    (and perpetual motion machines, and people talking about aircraft taking off from conveyor belts)
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