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    Hey, I took some photos of this part and they should be visible below or you'll need to click the attachments. But my question is as follows: I have no idea what to call this. I contacted Digi-Key and tried to describe it to them but to no avail. Notice, the pins are in 2x5 formation and they are alternating. They are not perpendicular/parallel (whichever way you like to describe it). Please help me identify this part or at least know what to call it. Thank you.

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    Where did you get it? Where is it from?
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    This is apart of a JTAGICE-mkII. Because of its structure, I assumed it would sold separately as well.
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    It's a surface mount female pin header (or receptacle). Find the pin pitch (the spacing, centre to centre, of the pits) and the spacing of the pins that connect to the PCB itself.

    It's hard to tell, but common spacing (of the female receptacles) is 0.100", but I've seen metric and smaller/larger sizes also. 3M, Hirose, Samtef and others should have something pretty close. If all else fails, you can solder wires directly to the pads on the PCB, and run them to the appropriate connector on the other side (or just stripped wires if you're doing breadboard work)
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    Awesome, thank you for your help.
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