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Partial boot?

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    Personally, the thing that bothers me most about the computers I use is load time. When I boot the computer up I usually want to go online immediately. I don't want all the other utilities that boot, I don't care about the background, I don't care about anything except what is required to get me online. I do care about antivirus software, but I don't want to be waiting for the volume control to load before my dialer and browser will start.

    So how about partial boot? I wonder if it would be difficult to construct an operating system that boots incrementally, with the objective of getting you to the point where you can start the programs that you use the most as rapidly as possible, putting everything else off until there are some resources available. Does this exist?

    This would be a good idea also for programs in general--delay loading "features" until the very basics that allow the user to start working are already up.
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    If your running linux you can use LinuxBios.


    This software was developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory for very fast booting (3 secs).

    You'll want a distro like gentoo and a minimalistic desktop like flluxbox to get optimal boot times. Fluxbox is one of those window managers that loads up incredible fast. Almost instantenously.

    The only bad thing about linuxbios is the limited hardware support. Your more than likely going to need to customize it for your system.
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    What you say is like this
    ServerISP--yourOwnServer--computers you are booting
    YourOwnServer runs all the time, after you finish booting up your PCs, you can directly go online without having to dial.
    Your PCs should be well msconfig--regedit-ed to stop all unnecessary programs.
    Set up instructions/utility software on your server to have them installed automatically on clients when the clients get booted.
    Well, they are some things I can imagine right now, means I have never done that before, please try it out at your own risk!
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    If your using windows, go to start, run, type in msconfig and go to the startup tab.

    Here you can tell which programs not to load up on startup. Make sure you iknow what your stopping however lol. Volume control loads up pretty much instantly, it just kinda is delayed in visually showing up so theres no reason to shut that down.
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    Well, I forgot to say that you could use a cell phone instead of a computer so that you could be online as fast as you like,...
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