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Partial Differentiation help !

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    Partial Differentiation help plz!

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone is doing degree level maths who can help me with the following question. Thanks very much!

    I was asked to find the first partial derivatives of z (in terms of x and y) with respect to x and y where:

    z = e^(uv) where u = x -y and v = xy

    The answer I got was:

    ∂w/∂x = (2xy-y²) e^[(x-y)(xy)]

    and ∂w/∂y = (x² - 2xy) e^[(x-y)(xy)]

    Can anyone help me confirm if that is right? I've used a particular chain rule i was given in my notes to approach the answer. Thanks again
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    They look good to me!
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