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Partial fraction rules

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    I hope its not a problem if I don't have an actual problem. I have a question about partial fractions.

    When I spilt it into two, the numerator of the original is equal to unknown constant A times secondimerator, plus unknown constant b times first denominator.

    What if it is spilt into three fractions? What constant gets multiplied by what denominator?
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    If f/(p.q.r) = A/p + B/q + C/r

    then multip both sides by pqr to get

    f = A.qr + B.pr + C.pq
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    So, multiply by the other two for all three? I had hoped that was the case. Hard to tell what my book did..
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    You can scan that part of the book that you do not understand.
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    Ill take a picture when I get out of class, thanks!
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