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Partial fraction

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    Hi guys I have a question here relating integration by partial praction..

    the question said what is the antiderivative of

    x^2+2x-1/2x^3 +3x^2 - 2x

    valid only when x > 1/2.

    anyway i had poor background in math and working hard to catch up...
    I dont understant why "valid only when x > 1/2".
    if you integrate that indefinte integral when do you have to do to make sure relate x>1/2
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    While the function certainly exists for many points less than 1/2, it is not continuous over the interval -inf<x<1/2 since it has three singularities (I'll let you solve for these). Thus it is best to define the domain of the function as 1/2<x<inf. Now as for the integration by partial fraction, try solving this equation for A, B and C by setting x to certain values(in order to eliminate only A, B or C):


    Then you'll be able to integrate.
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    hey thank you so much.
    you explain it better than what I thought

    great work !
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    Anytime man, I appreciate the feedback.
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