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Partial Pressure Calcs.

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    Question 1: 5L of nitrogen at 100kPa and 298K and 5L of oxygen at 200kPa are pumped into a evacuated 50L cylinder. Temperature remains constant, what is the total pressure in the cylinder?

    Correct Answer: 30kPa
    My answer: 300 kPa

    Question 2: A 10L flask containing nitrogen at 500mmHg is connected via a closed tap to a 4L flask containing oxygen at 800mmHg pressure, if the tap is opened what will be the final pressure assuming temperature remains constant?

    Answer: 586mmHg
    My answer: 1300mmHg

    Formulas I used:

    pV = nRT (to find mols)
    PA = (nA/nA+nB) x PT

    How did they get these answers...cos I can't seem to get them..?? Any help would be appreciated...
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    This thread is also in the Chemistry section. It has a reply in this section so I would suggest that it continues in that section of the forums.

    Please do not double post ravadongon.

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    sorry, I'll get a mod to delete it...
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    It's alright. I am not telling you off in a way where I am going to take my leather belt off. :tongue2:

    Believe me, we all get told once, even if we did not start the thread. Just make sure you are not one of the people that have to be told more than once. :smile: :tongue2:

    So long as no one else posts here, there should be no need to get a moderator to delete it. :smile:

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