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Partial pressure problem

  1. Feb 3, 2009 #1
    The gas phase decomposition of ethylamine produces ethane and ammonia according to the following equation:-

    C2H5NH2 (g) → C2H4 (g) + NH3 (g)

    The following total pressures were found for this reaction at 500°C with an initial pressure of pure ethylamine equal to 55 mm Hg.

    Ptotal (mm Hg) time (min)
    55 0

    64 2

    72 4

    89 10

    93 12

    If P0 is the initial pressure of reactant and ptotal is the total pressure at time t, show how the the partial pressure of reactant remaining at time t can be found.

    Can anyone give hint to me how to start to solve this question?

    is it i have to apply avogadro's law?
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    That, plus stoichiometry.
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