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Particle accelerator

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    i am a mechanical engineer and am highly interested in physics. i want to do my final year project on particle accelerators. have someone done a similar project if so what sort of accelerator can an undergraduate student fabricate?
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    or save yourself the read - the solution is

    " If you can't ask a question which is anymore specific than "how do I build a particle accelerator" you probably need to do at minimum a few solid months of research on your own to get to the point where you have a chance. Then come back and maybe try asking more specific questions?

    To give you an idea of why that is such a bad question, you can just take the cathode ray tube from an old TV and boom particle accelerator. If that isn't good enough, then what kind of energy are you looking for? What kind of experiments are you hoping to replicate? What kind of spectacular results were you hoping for that would make some kind of massive effort worthwhile?

    So once again sorry to be such a downer guys but your ideas are bordering on delusional."
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