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Particle accelerators, help needed on an essay

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    hi their its me munadi im a new person in the forum, i av to write an essay, and i wanted a few answers. i looked around the forum, to see if i could find a link which specified my question. but i found nothing of that sort, so ended up in the largest forum thinkng ill get several people helping me out.

    i wanted to know the actual goals of particle acceleration. what is the purpose behind accelrating particles, what are they trying to achieve, to me it seems like they just want to reach new velocity and mass records. i understand finding out new particles can be one of their aims, but are there anyh other aims for using such high energies which obviously costs a lot of money, its not 2 my understanding.

    someone told me the experiments help to find out newer and more knowledge amongst the fundamental forces that work and maintain us, but how is it helping by accelerating particles to such velocities. if i could have an answer please..thankyou very much. p.s is anyone here studying astrophysics, i get stuck in my Bsc degree quite a bit, thought if i could no a contact that might make life easier for me. thankyou very much x
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    Try to find some usage for them, WHY do one wants to get particles to high speed?

    i) Find new particles from the collisions of high energy particles -> The centre of mass energy in the collision can create new particles by exciting them from the vacuum.

    ii) Kill cancer in body, proton theraphy.

    iii) Get syncrotron radiation for usage in finding out structure of materials.

    iv) mass spectrometer, finding what isotopes a certain material is used of -> you need to accelerate the particles through a magnetic field, bending radius and velocity gives mass vs. charge.

    Now that was some common usage for accelerators, try to google a bit about those.
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    i know there are some common uses, but within the subject of particle physics. how will the world benefit from such collisions, i understand they will find out newer particles, heavier particles, there particle properties can be determined, but why do we need to know such existence of particles. why do we need to know about pions and and other leptons. how will the knowledge of these particles be beneficial for the world economically. does it have a reason.
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    no practical usage of the vast majority of particles.

    however muons are used when doing sutff with nuclear fuel..

    why must everything have application in technology?

    and a pion is not a lepton..
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    Why do we need to do research on blackholes, and dark matter, and cosmology?

    There are many aspect of science, and physics/astrophysics/astronomy where things are done for the sake of knowledge. Why? Because we can never predict what the future outcome of such knowledge will result in. No one knows about the practical application of Special/General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics when they were first formulated. And now, can you think of how our world would be VERY different without them?

    I'm moving this to GD because this is not a physics question.

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    But please tells us aout your essay and what you need help with, we want to help you.
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