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I Particle accelerometer

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    Hi everyone. I want to make a very small accelerometer. (A micro or nanosized MEMS accelerometer)

    What do you think about this idea?

    I will have a source which will emit alpha particles. I will place two movable magnets at both sides of the alpha particle. When I apply acceleration to the sensor, the magnets will move (due to inertial fictious force) and alpha particle will deviate from its path. The deviation will be a related to acceleration.

    How would a charged particle behave inside a moving magnetic field?

    How small I can make this accelerometer you think? (Also please share if you have any ideas about making the world's smallest MEMS accelerometer)

    Thank you.

    (PS: I know how today's accelerometers work. I just want to come up with a creative idea)
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    There are so many ways to measure the position of an object with high precision. The deviation of the flight of alpha particles is not among them. Even state-of-the-art pixel detectors will have a hard time measuring any deflection on such a small scale, and that's not even considering the problems from getting a focused beam, getting enough statistics, removing background and so on.
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