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Homework Help: Particle annihilation and creation

  1. Mar 8, 2012 #1
    I'm just working on a particle physics assignment and seem to be a little stuck on one concept. I have a positron-electron to two scalar particles and a photon-photon -> electron-positron problem.
    The issue I'm having with it is that the only way I really know how to handle them is with the casimir tricks, but the casimir tricks seem to be for when you have for example u'*gamma*u where u and u-bar are an incoming and outgoing fermion and gamma is a matrix.
    Is there a different trick to handle the case for having incoming photons rather than an incoming fermion?

    Wow, problem solved, I feel silly, antifermions have u-bar for incoming particles rather than outgoing, this is where my issue is. People of the future, read carefully.
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