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Homework Help: Particle anti-particle production?

  1. Sep 29, 2008 #1
    particle anti-particle production??

    hey guys,
    my problem is as follows:
    2 protons have energies of 7TeV each and collide head on. approximately how massive a new type of particle can be produced in pair? you can ignore the proton mass. the question also says that "since the 2 protons do not annihilate each other, you can only get an order of magnitude answer.

    relevant question:
    an electron and positron collide with a total energy of 162GeV and produce a pair of W bosons which leave the collision point in opposite directions. a W boson has mass 80GeV/c^2. how fast is each boson moving? you can ignore the e- and e+ mass and assume that the boson is moving at non-relativistic speeds.

    the way i figured the problem was that two parameters must hold true, conservation of momentum and conservation of energy. Starting momentum and ending momentum are both 0 so that doesn't help, and to get the most massive type of particle, all the energy of the protons would go into the mass of the new particles, meaning kinetic energy is 0, so i feel like i would just use E=mc^2. but it seems way too easy for the difficulty of my class. am i doing this right?
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