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Homework Help: Particle box model what am i missing?

  1. Apr 26, 2009 #1
    1. The particle in a box model is often used to make rough estimates of ground state energies. Suppose that you have a neutron confined to a one-dimensional box of length equal say 1x10-14m. What is the ground state energy of the confined neutron? **the answer it wants is in MeV***

    2. equation for the minimum possible energy (ground state; n=1).... E=(h2)/(8mL2)
    >h=6.63e-34 Js
    >I use 1x10-14m as L (is that right)

    3. i should be able to just plug in the values and get the answer, but it does not work. after plugging my values in (using 1x10-14m as L) i get 3.29e-13, which doesn't work. then i tried converting it to MeV by dividing by 1.6e-19 (convert J to eV) then dividing again by 106 (converts to Mega) which gives me 2.1, but that doesn't work either... what am i missing?
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