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Homework Help: Particle charge

  1. Jan 30, 2006 #1
    A particle of mass 73 g and charge 38muC is
    released from rest when it is 46 cm from a
    second particle of charge -17muC.
    Determine the magnitude of the initial ac-
    celeration of the 73 g particle. Answer in units
    of m/s^2.

    Well, I used this formula:

    k [(q1 * q2) / mr^2)]

    8.98755*E9 [(38*17)/ ((73/1000)*(.46^2))]

    edit - fixed typo

    = 3.7586 * E14

    But it's wrong... any help appreciated. Thanks.
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    Make sure the units are correct, and square the (46 cm) or 0.46 m if using MKS.
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    that was a typo on my part... i did indeed square it when i got the wrong answer. Anything look off to anyone?
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    I'm an idiot. I forgot to multiply the charges by mu(micro) 10^-6.

    I got it now. =) Thx astronuc.
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