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Particle Collider Universe

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    Now, this is my first post here, and i'm just a junior in high school studying basic physics, so if this has already been posted, i apologize. But, today, in my physics class, i got to thinking about the particle collider at CERN, and the miniature "Big Bang" they created. So theoretically they are creating a minature universe. Which led me to think, why couldn't our universe been created by a similar collider? It would explain alot of thing, i.e. the universe continiously expanding outward and would even coincide with the "Big Bang" theory. I also know time is relative to the speed we're moving, so for the fraction of a second the mini-universe we create lasts could seem like an eternity to that universe. My knowledge of physics is to basic to do these calculations, but i really can't think of a reason this theory could not be plausible. What do you all think?
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