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Homework Help: Particle collision

  1. Oct 9, 2008 #1
    Particle Collision Two A collision occurs between a 3.00 kg particle traveling with velocity v = (-4.00 m/s) i + (-5.00 m/s) j and a 4.00 kg particle traveling with velocity v = (5.60 m/s) i + (-1.80 m/s) j. The collision connects the two particles. What then is their velocity in each of the following notations?
    (a) unit-vector notation
    ( wrong check mark m/s ) i + ( wrong check mark m/s ) j
    (b) magnitude-angle notation
    m/s angle ° (counterclockwise from the positive x axis)

    I would show an attempt at the solution but i have no idea what the formulas are or where to start
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    Hey a little late, but I think for this one you have to use

    p= momentum= (mass*velocity)

    vf = (p1 + p2)/(m1+m2)

    for angle, use tangent.

    tan(o) = p2/p1

    (o) = tan^-1(p2/p1).

    With respect to vector notation, i think you just add and subtract, but for angle use Pythagoras, cause you will need v1, and v2 as a quantity.
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