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Homework Help: Particle Dacay with four vectors (not too hard)

  1. Nov 17, 2009 #1
    Given that the [tex]\Lambda[/tex] has Q=0, B=1, S=-1 and the K(+) has Q=1, B=0, S=1 and the K− is its
    antiparticle, show that the following reactions are suitable for making strange particles. Calculate
    the threshold kinetic energy of the beam for producing these reactions in a ‘fixed target’ experiment.
    (a) p + p --> [tex]\Lambda[/tex] + K(+) + p
    (b) p + p --> K+ + K− + p + p

    Attempt at a Solution:
    I had no trouble showing that the two sides conserve Q,B and S. I'm simply having trouble setting up the four vectors for part 2. If someone could simply show me the setup for a), including the components of the four vectors, I should be fine.
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