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Homework Help: Particle in a Box

  1. Sep 23, 2008 #1
    What are the probabilities of finding the electron anywhere between x=0 and x=L/4? (n=1 and n=2)

    Can you give example to me?
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    Do you know the wave function for a particle in a box, or can you try to derive them?
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    http://user.mc.net/~buckeroo/PODB9.gif [Broken] true??? n=1 or n=2 L=L/4? this is answer?
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    That is the correct wave function. Can you use that to predict the probability in being in one section of the box? Remember that [tex]\left|\psi\left(x\right)\right|^2[/tex] is a probability density, so you have to integrate over some interval in x (The right interval is specified in your problem, can you spot it?).
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