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Particle octet

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    Would anyone like to tell me if I did this right? see attached .gif. It's an exercise in a book I'm reading, about explaining why there aren't any spin 1/2 particles with uuu, ddd, or sss quarks, 1 each of uud, uus, etc., and 2 of uds quarks: the particle octet.

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    I can't make out the thumbnail or make sense of it.
    You can't have three u quarks in a spin 1/2 state, because the spin 1/2 state has mixed symmetry, and only purely symmetric states are allowed for three identical quarks in a completely symmetric spatial state.
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    The first statement makes no sense. You say that quarks follow Bose statistics even though they are fermions!!!:yuck:

    Of course they follow Fermi-Dirac statistics!!
    But it's a bit complicated because the total wavefunction has a spin dependence, a spatial dependence but a colour dependence as well. All this must be taken into account.
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