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Particle physics (ref)

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    group theory is an integral part of particle physics and one needs a good understanding of this before one switches on to reading particle phy ......please give me a good reference for this ... i m new to both group theory and particle physics ...thosugh i 've read about the historical evolutions of the subject ....if there is an e-book available plz let me know abt it .....i 've gone through "THE FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES by clifford e.swartz" 1965 edition ...i hope the edition is not 2 old ...coz i m afraid that things explained r not reviewed from then .....
    please help ...
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    Start with Griffiths' intro text on the subject of elementary particles and just then u can worry about group theory. For example, Greiner's text on symmetries in Quantum Physics.

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    thanx so mch
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