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Particle Physics table

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    Hey there,

    Does anyone have a table will all the particles and their respective spin, lepton number, mass, etc etc?

    I know I could make one easily, but it'd be much easier if someone had one already, or knew of a site that had one.
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    PDG http://pdg.lbl.gov/ is a good place to look for any table about particle properties.
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    (dauto beat me to it)


    Click on "Summary Tables" and then on the links for whatever kinds of particles you want.
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    I was looking for simple table, a black and white table that I could print and keep by my side, to check for conservations... The link you gave me is a nice wallpaper to hang on my bedroom though. I'll see if I find a place that prints it, cheaply, so I can add that one to my collection.

    Thank you (both) for the link! Way too "deep", but very interesting!
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