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Particle Physics?

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    hello everyone. I have a limited background in particle physics (books). I was wondering if someone can help me with definitions of what certain particles are and what their names pertain to. No need to explain basic stuff (protons, neutrons, neutrinos, electrons, photons, positrons, gravitons, leeptons and quarks). I was wondering about mesons, gluons, tau particles, .... etc...

    If anyone has a good link for this, it would be very much apreciated. Thanks.
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    What have you been reading? Any good book that talks about quarks should at the very least talk about mesons. Anyway, if you have a decent math background (calculus and algebra), you should try David Griffiths' "Introduction to Elementary Particles". I'm sure someone here can suggest alternatives to that.
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    Try: http://particleadventure.org/particleadventure/index_old.html

    They have a really great one-page chart for the Fundamental Particles and Interactions. It has a black background.
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    thanx guys.
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