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Particle Quark Composition

  1. May 16, 2015 #1
    Doing a bit of revision at the moment and I've been looking at the baryon spin-1/2 octet and the spin 3/2 decuplet. I've noticed that a lot of particles have the same quark composition. For instance the Δ0 particle from the 3/2 ducuplet has the same quark composition as a proton. Now I know that there is a difference in spin but how is this accomplished when the quark composition is the same?

    Also, is there a method to learn all of the elementary particles and their quark constituents easily. I was thinking maybe the easiest method is to try and remember the baryon and meason diagrams that I've been talking about and possibly one the particles quark compositions from each diagram. From there I can transverse the diagram and work the rest of the quark compositions out. Or am I missing a trick here and making life harder for myself than it needs to be?

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    You can couple three spin 1/2 in many different ways. One of those is to make all spins parallel, ie, a spin 3/2 state.
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    Ah I see. Thank you
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